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Heather Harvey is an accomplished and enthusiastic business woman who has found her passion and success in the beauty industry. Beginning the journey as a hair stylist in 1997, she has since become a licensed instructor in the field of hair styling, and more recently an instructor of esthetics.


As the owner of Brow Chica Brow Bar & Beauty Lab, and founder of The Esthetics District Academy of Skincare, Heather has been able to continue her passion for transforming faces through the arts of microblading and permanent makeup where pigment is implanted into the upper layers of the skin to give eyebrows a fuller and more symmetrical appearance. In addition to this service she is also well trained in the application of lip shading and eyeliner. The attention to detail in her work is what sets her apart from average microblading professionals. In using the best quality products and the safest, longest lasting pigment, Heather is able to produce consistent, impeccable results. The multiple blades and shades of pigment achieve depth and dimension which lead to natural and realistic results. Each hair stroke is delicately and strategically implanted into the skin to create beautiful, realistic eyebrows. Lip blushing gives lips a more defined perimeter and fuller look while eyeliner can accentuate the eyes and give the appearance of fuller, darker lashes.


Originally trained by the owner herself (Monika Ludwiczak) of the world renown Everlasting Brows UK based syndicate, she also has had the privilege of attending trainings by other well-known artists in the industry such as Teryn Darling, Brows by Linnie, Tina Davies, Jenn Boyd, Will Anthony, and Monica Ivani.  Heather takes the greatest priority in client’s safety by using sterile, one-time use materials. Safety, along with her perfect form and confidence makes Heather a leading permanent makeup artist in Alaska.

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