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Permanent Make Up

Brows | Lips | Liners

Stock image of a women having her eyebrows microbladed


Using both machine and/or manual application, brows can be created or enhanced, giving them new life; better shape, more definition and dimension. The specifics of application depend on the client's desires and needs along with consideration of age, skin type, lifestyle, etc.


Lip tattoo or blushing is done by machine method and can increase the pigmentation of pale or aging lips. This service allows customized shading and coloring along with improved symmetry and camouflaging of uneven pigmentation or scarring. In some cases the application can make the lips appear fuller.

Stock image of women having permanent makeup applied to her lips
stock image of a women having permanent eyeliner applied with a tattoo gun

Eye Liner

This treatment is long lasting, smudge proof and water proof. Permanent eyeliner can enhance, accentuate and sometimes change eyeshape to complement each individual. It can define the eyes and make lashes appear fuller. As with other permanent makeup procedures, eyeliner can eliminate the time and hassle spent applying daily.

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